Recovery Is Not Just For Addicts


When I tell people that I am a life coach working with people who desire recovery they immediately say “oh you deal with addicts”. Well, actually …no I don’t. I do however work with many family members who are struggling with addicts.

The word recovery has long been associated with the world of addiction, so it is no wonder that people automatically assume that I am coaching addicts. What folks don’t realize is the definition of the word recovery. If we look it up in the dictionary it simply means To get back, or regain. I am hard pressed to think of one person that I have met in my life that this would not apply to. We all have setbacks, we all have issues that are not conducive to a healthy life, we all have baggage. We all need healing at some point.

Addictive behaviors have a presence in just about all of our lives. Many of us are addicted to certain emotional behaviors and patterns. That was certainly the case for myself, living with a drug addict, alcoholic for 16 years. I was the classic enabler. Enabling is an emotional behavior that will ruin your life if you let it. Domestic violence also requires recovery. Women who are victims of domestic abuse are victims not just of the abuse but of their own behavior of staying in the relationship. I can relate to them because staying with an addict and staying with an abuser are both enabling relationships. We feel trapped much of the time, and once we make it out of these relationships we need help. We need recovery.

Death and illness also require recovery. For example I am recovering as we speak from hip replacement surgery. Anyone who has ever had a major illness and required treatment or surgery knows exactly what I am talking about. We need to get back to our normal life, we need to regain our strength. When we lose someone that we love it can be shattering. Grief is a very powerful emotion and the body as well as the human spirit go through a great deal of trauma. A recovery program that is grief specific is critical to those of us who are grappling to move forward after a profound loss.

Recovery is the only healthy option, and my hope is that more and more of us will embrace it as sort of a navigation tool to redirect our lives and be happier and healthier. Don’t be put off by the word, remember what it means and think about how it would benefit your life.


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