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What Women Can Do For Women

imagesThere is not a day that goes by that the struggle for women to keep the rights that they have had for years, is not in the news. Just yesterday I read a compassionate and well written article from Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards urging women to stay in the fight and not back down. Like her mother Ann, Cecile is a tireless advocate for the rights of women everywhere, especially in the southern states that are suffering the most. Texas is leading the charge with the likes of Perry, Dewhurst and Abbott, the trifecta of all that is evil and wrong within the state. Also like her mother, Cecile is not intimidated by the likes of these vile white men who are hell-bent on making affordable health care for the women who need it the most obsolete. Every time I hear another report of what is going on down there my blood boils.  There have been devastating cuts to family planning services and Planned Parenthood has been banned in the state of Texas, closing many locations and making it more difficult for women to find a clinic and get access to preventative care and other services. These guys don’t want anyone to have access to a safe and chosen abortion, but they don’t want to support all the children that have to come into this world because of lack of access either. They just want to bully and treat women like second class citizens. Making life harder and more hopeless for them. Taking from them at every turn and making sure that they suffer.

Every female and most males that I know are just as pissed off as I am. But us being angry and not using that anger as leverage to do something to help is just wasted anger. One way I channel my anger is to make monthly donations to Planned Parenthood.  Another way and perhaps the best way is through community service, specifically reaching out to low-income affected women.  I donate my time as a coach and help women find the road to a better way. At least this gives me the feeling that I am giving them the tools and resources to stand up and be counted and be part of the fight. To take back their power and self-worth. The point here is this; women need to make it a part of their lives to help other women. There are countless ways to do this, we all have something valuable to share. Volunteer your time, write checks, march at your state capitol, write your legislators and if you live in Texas, vote for Wendy Davis. But most of all get involved, take all the pissed off feelings that you feel and channel it into helping to change the life of another not so fortunate women. It’s like Anne Richards said in her perfect simple way of putting things ” Any Jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a carpenter to build one”. The world is full of Jackasses, so ladies get your tools!