After living with an addict for 16 years I finally found my way to my own recovery and healing. I realized that what I went through and how I found my way out had value and that I needed to share my own life experiences living as an enabler.  My hope is that I will be able to reach and teach other women going through similar difficulties and empower them with the tools and skills to change their lives. I went back to school and studied Substance Abuse and have became a Certified Life Coach. I specialize in enabling relationships related to addiction and domestic violence.  Having lived a big part of my life this way, I was broken and I saw no way out. I finally hit my rock bottom and found a coach who guided me through the process of finding my healing. Through hard work and learning to get uncomfortable, I found my way. It can be done and I can help you get there. My program is a no nonsense, holistic, tough love approach that embraces my 6 steps to recovery, healing and a new beginning. Addiction and domestic violence affect thousands of women everyday and so many of these women suffer in silence because of the shame. You don’t have to be one of them.  ACKNOWLEDGE the problem.  ACCEPT the challenge.  ASPIRE to the change.

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